Ideal Media have been collecting and aggregating quality data for over 30 years and work with a huge number of UK agencies, from very large to the small Boutique all of whom use us because of our depth of knowledge and our ability to supply on time – everytime.

We specialise in providing our agency clients with the entire database so that they can be the data controller and named at the point of data collection as well as in the Privacy Policy of our supplier. The agency can then hold and manage the database to enable them to work more effectively with their clients.

Ideal Media updates the database monthly removing the months suppressions and supplying the updated database to our clients as well as providing weekly suppression files. We provide channel opt in and specific consent as well as Legitimate Interest clearly stated Privacy Policies that stand up to the stringent requirements of our compliance team and that of our clients.

Our data comes from a wide range of sources, web sign ups, digital magazines, voucher sites, competitions, survey sites, telemarketing, to name but a few and out of this we have a fully opted in and GDPR compliant database available to the agency market.


Enhanced Understanding

Getting actionable insights on every UK household and consumer.

Effectively Target New Business

Ability to define the right client audience.

Improved ROI

Reduce wasted advertising spend.

Reduced Risks

Avoiding reputational damage from poor and non compliant data.

Personalised Consumer Journeys

Delivering relevant online and offline, consumer journeys, radius and drive time analysis.

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