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Welcome to the Ideal Media Today Ltd Data Compliance Page


As a responsible business we know that not everyone wants to receive marketing from companies trying to make you aware of their product or service and while we promote direct marketing we are also promotors of removing your information from marketing and to enable you to do this you can either complete the form below which we will ensure removes your details from not only our database but we will also ensure that the businesses listed in our privacy Policy are also made aware of this request so that they will no longer be using the information.

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Our Privacy Policy is also available to be accessed in this section and this details the basis upon which we collect and process data.

Ideal Media is also a subscriber to the Preference Centre which has been set up by like minded business to ensure that those people who do not want to receive marketing material can easily unsubscribe their information from multiple places without having to contact each one of them separately. If you click the link to The Preference Centre you will be taken to the home page where you can unsubscribe.

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