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Image by Dennis Kummer


Our data is aggregated and collated by ourselves and using business analysts we have created actionable insights that can give you an overview of your clients data by categorising them.


We have divided the UK into 38 GEO Codes ranging from “UK's most affluent professionals, large homes” to “Severe unemployment, overcrowding, multi - ethnic areas”


This detail enables the analysis of the clients database enabling us to match back to the core data and find the roll out in the desired target areas.


Similarly our 35 Wealth Codes which range from “Mature and Professional Families with extensive Financial Portfolios” to “Unemployed” enable you to make sensible decisions when targeting based on wealth or when analysing the client database for target areas.


This type of analysis also makes more sense when dealing with the client as it’s the difference between industry Jargonese and People Speak!

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